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RN Delegation in NJ: Major Changes to NJ Board of Nursing Regulations

November 20th, 2015

The New Jersey Board of Nursing voted to approve new regulations that will replace existing regulations about the delegation of nursing tasks to LPNs and "assistive persons."  The current regulation has been in place for years and is brief.  The new regulation is lengthy and extremely detailed. It requires RNs in all settings to meet a number of obligations whenever a nursing task is delegated, including delegation of administration of any medications.  The obligations include numerous documentation requirements about the task that was delegated, to whom is it delegated, and that the RN completed six specific steps before delegating the task. The approved regulations will be formally adopted early next year.  The new regulations also allow a certified home health aide (CHHA) to administer medications in a home setting if the RN is willing to delegate such tasks to the CHHA.  Failure to adhere to these new regulations could result in legal action being taken against the RN by a patient or by the Board of Nursing for an improper delegation.  If you would like to view the proposed regulations that were approved by the Board, go to the "Contact" tab on this website and make a request.

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